LaSense was founded by top international laser diagnostics specialists and CUHK tenure team in 2019.
We are dedicated to build a safe and livable world by using advanced laser sensing technologies. We have set up research and commercial centers in Greater Bay Area and we provide services to large industrial enterprises, monitoring divisions of the government and research institutes.
Our international recognized team has received multiple I&T awards including Gold medal of Geneva Inventions Exhibition 2021, and has won championships in major entrepreneurship competitions in China.
Ren Wei
Xu Ke
Ren Wei
Co-founder – Chief Scientist
▸ Associate Professor at CUHK

▸ Project manager of National Natural Science Foundation of China, Research Grants Council (Hong Kong) and Innovation and Technology Commission

▸ Published over 80 Science Citation Index journals which were cited more than 1200 times.

Xu Ke
Co-founder – Chief Executive Officer
▸ Ph.D. from CUHK major in laser sensing

▸ Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme awardee (top 1% PhD in Hong Kong)

▸ China National Scholarship awardee
Served as Chief Financial Officer in Science and Technology leadership Association
Hosted events such as Annual Recognition ceremony of The Communist Youth League of China, 70th National Day ceremony in Nanshan Shenzhen and Chinese premiere of ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’.